Search Engine Optimization

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But only if Google, Bing, and other search engines can find you. With over a half-million websites launching globally each day, how do you know yours will even get found?

That's where I can help. I take care of the Search Engine Optimization that gets your site discovered and visited.

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The SEO Site Audit service by A.D. Cook gives clients an in-depth critique of their website Search Engine Optimization. The report identifies areas where improvements can and must be made. The SEO Site Audit enables a business to quickly learn the factors that search engines deem important when ranking their website.

Our SEO Site Audit is a detailed report that identifies major organic search engine ranking factors that are not being properly implemented on your website. The size of the report is based upon the complexity and scope of the site, so each will vary in size. Typically, our Site Audit reports range from 20 to 140 pages.

The SEO Site Audit enables clients to learn what the search engines consider important when ranking websites and where improvements are needed. Our SEO analyst will analyze and then detail barriers to organic ranking and critical issues that are hindering the entire SEO marketing project. In complex projects, this analysis is often the first step of many. It identifies the issues that should be repaired.


Website Design Audit
Technical SEO Audit
Pagespeed Audit
Indexation Audit
Keyword Research Audit
(NAP) Citations Audit
CTR Optimization Audit
Schema Markup Audit
Google My Business Audit
Duplicate Content Audit


Once your payment has processed, we'll email your access password for the SEO Site Audit Form to get started. Relax, it'll be fun, and it only takes a few minutes on your part.

Once you complete the audit form, your report will take approximately five to seven days to research, write and produce, at which time you will receive an email with results, links, PDF's, and suggestions.

That valuable information will help you make needed SEO improvements on your own, or coordinate and communicate more effectively with your SEO person.
*for a limited time