DTL Podcast Episode 001

Now is the time to launch your big dream!

Hey Guys, 2020 is now the time to launch your dream.

Make Time to Take Time

You know, you're at home, you've got the time, you've been thinking of doing something for the last ten, twenty, or maybe even thirty years or more, and now is the time to pull those notes out and put them all together and make it happen.

Are you creating a new website? A new brand? Are you writing a book? Launching a new business?

I'm AD Cook and looking to have insights, and interviews with those who have succeeded at some of these things you're thinking about doing.

Some of the content we'll go over from our book, Dream To Launch, that I co-authored with Beti Kristof. Within that, we'll cover things like curiosity, discovering you're why, realizing your big dream, thinking outside the box, and imagination. I'm not going to do that all alone. I'm going to have some great guests that are going to be talking about these subject matters. We're going to be talking about action things, like skills and opportunity, and we're going to discuss provenance, and how important provenance is. Mentors and masterminds, mindmaps, and of course, we'll get into some marketing stuff, like understanding color and how it affects people and understanding your avatar. Do you even know who your avatar is? You know, you're my avatar, you must be because you're listening. And you know, you're also the hero of your world, your market, your brand, so we'll get into that kind of stuff.

We'll also get into a little social media; because today you can not function without social media, anyway, we'll talk about all that stuff throughout the series of the podcast. I'm not going to get into all that today but over the course of time.

We're also going to cover the internet. And so we're going to talk about do you really need a website? How do you build a website, and how do you go about starting a website? How do you work with your designer may be, and then how do you create content because, in the internet world, content is king.

Of course, SEO, everybody talks about SEO, Search Engine Optimization, and what is it? And why does it matter? We're going to go over all of that. Each of these we'll be individual, separate podcasts for your listening pleasure, a lot of these will get posted relatively soon.

I have some 30 years or so in Photoshop, Illustrator, and creating digital for digital print design, I would say, In-design, but first, there was Quark, then In-design came a little bit later, but all in all about 30 years or so. So, I'll share with you what I learned from that, that benefit you the most.

I've done website design since 1995, so we'll talk about WordPress, web-flow, get into woo-commerce, and how to build a commerce website. We can talk about Yoast and SEO overall, WordPress, and search engine optimization as a whole. How it pertains not just to your website, but everything that is sort of connected to it.

We'll get into some video creation discussion as well because there's a lot of ways to do it. You don't have to be a wizard at it today, to create awesome videos. And then I have some experience writing a screenplay, we'll talk with a couple of writers.

Anyone who knows my previous work knows that I have done traditional art as well, so we can get into some of that. But, this program really is more about your dream and how to make your dream happen. I only use those as references because having done those, I want you to know that at least I can relate to the projects that you're talking about.

So, it sounds like a lot. And it is!

You're taking an idea and turning it into something real and tangible, and it's a lot of work. But we're not going do it alone. I'm going to walk through this stuff with you, and I have plenty of guests and their knowledge and insights for upcoming podcasts. Mostly creatives and entrepreneurs, thought leaders, along with a few artists, performers, and occasional rock stars.

So this is my first time as a podcaster with the Dream To Launch series, and I'm going to go through kind of a learning curve with you. This is somewhat new for me too. I'm more of a visual designer in the sense that I design for print and for the internet and art. Like I said earlier. So this whole talking to a microphone thing is going to be kinda new for me as well. So, bare with me as I muddle through, but I hope I bring you enough entertainment and the occasional joke or something to keep you interested as well.

The plan is to start with one solid scheduled quality episode weekly. A live episode, from there, we'll build up to more as we can. In the interim, we will populate with some back articles that we think that you'll find beneficial, and a couple chapters from the Dream To Launch book, so, I'm very excited to share that as well.

And did I mention rock stars earlier? I'd like to thank Paul Shortino for the intro and the exit tune and the background music that you hear subtly behind me speaking now. For this episode, and forthcoming episodes as well, and then stay tuned because time going to have an upcoming interview chat with Paul. If you don't know Paul Shortino, he is most noted as the singer from Ruff Cutt and the Cutt, Quiet Riot, and the Shortino Band. He's also known as Duke Fame from the mockumentary, This is Spinal Tap. Paul and I go back a few years, and he's a great guy and fun to chat with. That interview will be from his studio, so we'll be recording in a professional recording studio. We'll compare that to this and see how it works out. Either way, it's going to be fun.

Be sure to tune in often and listen to our podcast for our exciting guests and be sure to also like our page and give us a thumbs up and follow us when you an. Looking forward to seeing you again.

Take care ~

A.D. Cook
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A.D. Cook

Hi, I'm A.D. Cook, co-creator and site designer/manager/admin for DreamToLaunch.com. I'm also an artist, writer, and speaker. I've been designing for the Internet since 1995. Visit me at ADCookDesign.com for more information and check out my new book, DREAM TO LAUNCH, with co-creator Beti Kristof.

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