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For Dreamers and Doers of Great Ideas

DTL Audio Podcast Supporters have a great opportunity to grow with us. As we further develop the DTL Podcast Series and our community grows with us, we endeavor to share valuable content and resources to  our listeners freely, to help them take their dreams and ideas to launch. We do that through your host, A.D. Cook, and his extensive creative energy experiences with clients and creatives over a lifetime of experiences helping others achieve their vision through effective graphics and copy.

A.D.'s extensive experience of the Internet started in 1995, so some episodes discuss websites, online promotion, search engine optimization, and a plethora of tech-inspired chats.

Tune In for Sound Advice. Learn strategies about how you can get your idea out of your head, take action, and get your project launched, from concept-through-completion.


Check back soon or contact us for more information.

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Podcast Host : A.D. Cook

Often called the "how-to" guy, your podcast host has been creating for print since 1980 and for the internet since '95.

A.D., along with talented guests, share what it takes to successfully take your ideas from dream to launch.

As a huge Internet junkie, A.D. will share web tech insights and ideas to get you discovered online.

Listen in anytime on this site and at