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Starting a new project? Let's talk about how I can help expedite your goals. A weekly scheduled coaching call can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars and countless hours as I guide you through the shortest path to success with your project.


Weekly Scheduled Zoom Calls to Cover...


Your company's success and recognition is built through your brand. Let's talk about getting you seen and remembered.


Creating an effective online presence encompasses several platforms, skillsets, and disciplines to create an effective website, social media, and newsletters,.


Take control of your Search Engine Result Pages with a better understanding of Search Engine Optimization.


Consider one-on-one live Zoom coaching sessions with A.D. Cook. In just one hour per week, you'll get you more actionable advice than you could dream of.

These personalized Zoom sessions are the perfect resource to excelerate your project and goals, ensuring that you do the right things in the correct order, and that your efforts are maximized and effective.

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Topics can include logos and brand, web design and development, search engine optimization, and working with your creative team
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The "How-To" Guy

"I get called that a lot — mostly from clients who come to me for advice when building their brand or website. I've always enjoyed mentoring and helping people manifest their dreams from an idea into something real."

— A.D. Cook

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When we first discuss your project, be prepared for big questions so I can learn about your goals, and have your questions ready, too.

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